Bristol Chess Educational Trust

by David Jarrett

A history published in the 75th League anniversary issue of the Bristol Chesstimes in 1982.

All of Bristol's chess players will know of the Manor Tyres Chess Congress and the way in which it has brought many renowned chess players to our city. Not so many will know that the person with the original idea for such an event, Chris New of Manor Tyres and Downend Chess Club, had in mind an even more exciting idea which would be linked to the Congress. He envisaged profits and donations from the Congress being used in a contstructive way to improve the standard of chess in Bristol and to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about the game. So the Bristol Chess Educational Trust was formed - not a charity as this would inhibit the use of funds to anyone over the age of twenty one. There are four main aims:

  1. Aid towards the cost of travel and acoommodation to tournaments for those unable to afford it.
  2. Promotion of chess in junior organisations.
  3. Grants to schools, etc., to promote chess.
  4. Providing funds for new clubs to be set up in poorer areas of Avon.
Three trustees were appointed to run the trust for the benefit of chess in Avon: D.Jarrett (Little Thatch), C.A.Yeo (Sea Mills) and M.Wood (Downend and Fishponds). Funds have been used to help young people to play in the Manor Tyres event and the most spectacular success came in helping Jackie Toogood and the Spiller sisters to take part in the National squad girls' championships. Jackie won the U-16 title and so brought herself to the attention of the National Selectors.

There is over £200 held by the trustees at present, and any requests for funds should be sent to Ken Cleak, the Bristol League Treasurer, who acts as Secretary for the Trust. He will also be glad to receive any donations.

1997 postscript: The Trust is still in existence and carrying out its aims. Information on making donations or applying for funds is available on the Trust's page on this Web site. - JR