by D Ward and Chris Carter

A history of the chess club, published in the 75th League anniversary issue of the Bristol Chesstimes in 1982.

B.A.C. Chess Club joined the League in 1946 and were soon running three teams. The A team established itself in the second division and even briefly visited the first division after winning the second in 1954/55.

In 1966, B.A.C. combined with B.S.E. Laboratory (who had entered the League with two teams in 1963) to form Pegasus Chess Club with five league sides. By 1970, the D and E teams had been disbanded but the A team was still a second division side until 1975, when the C team folded and was shortly followed by the B team. However, last season, the B team was resurrected and promptly won promotion, so the future looks encouraging.

This season, the membership is only thirteen strong, but it does make for having a pleasant club atmosphere. The membership is made up of employees of B.A.C./Dynamics and Rolls Royce, and two members who have retired, B. Blundrett and M. Reecs, still play for the A/B teams on a regular basis.

Two years ago it was proposed that the chess clubs within the Rolls Royce divisions of Derby, Coventry, Anstry, Leavesden and Bristol would meet on an annual basis for an interdivision cup. These events have been very well organised and extremely enjoyable.

So far Bristol has been unsuccessful in winning the trophy, although we have not won the wooden spoon yet. The venue for next year is Bristol, our home ground, and with our strongest team we are looking for a convincing victory.

1997 postscript: In the summer of 1987, Y.M.C.A. merged with Pegasus to form the Bristol Central club. The new club lasted five years but, following a large rent increase in the summer of 1992, the club closed and most of its players went to join Cossham. - JR