John Burt - obituaries

The Chess Monthly, Vol. 9 , p.260, 1887-8

The Bristol and Clifton Chess Association have sustained a severe loss through the sudden death, in the prime of life, of Mr. J. Burt, of Clifton, Connected with British Chess for just a quarter of a century, he exercised much influence in the formation of the leading Association on its present basis, as well as of the majority of the minor clubs which have sprung into existence during the last few years, the latest attempt in that direction being the resuscitation of the old Athenæum Club, which has been a conspicuous success under the name of the City Chess and Draughts Club. Mr. Burt was the President and Treasurer of the City Club at the time of his death, Vice-President of the Bath Club, honorary member of many other clubs, and member of the Council of the British Chess Association. In 1883 Mr. Burt published The Bristol Chess Club: a valuable compilation of old games, and a history of Bristol Chess.

The British Chess Magazine, p.245, 1888

The painfully sudden death of Mr. J. Burt, of Clifton, will be a severe loss to Bristol clubs and players. Well known locally as a very strong player, Mr. Burt will be also remembered as a most enthusiastic and energetic worker in Chess affairs-- whether by resuscitating old clubs, forming new ones, or organizing. tournaments. He seems, during the twenty-five years he has been connected with the Bristol Club, to have left no means untried of extending the study and popularity of the game. Indeed it is to him mainly is due the very great interest now being taken in Chess throughout the West of England. At the time of his death, Mr. Burt was President and Treasurer of the Bristol City Club, which he had formed from the old Athenæum Club, was Vice-President of the Bath Club, and was a member of the Council of the British Chess Association. He died at Clifton, on the 11th April.

The Clifton Chronicle and Directory, April 18 1888

It is with much regret that we record the death on Wednesday of Mr. J. N. Burt who has been associated with Bristol chess play and organization for at least five and twenty years. The deceased gentleman was also widely known throughout the country as a strong, quick and brilliant amateur player, an analyst of a high order, and a composer of not a few really useful end-games. He was devoted heart and soul to the encouragement of and spreading the taste for the royal game, and to his vigour and energy is owing the existence of the City Chess and Draughts CLub, of which the deceased gentleman was, two years since, the founder, has since been president and treasurer, amd which club now numbers no less than eighty playing members. Not only to this club, but also to the cause of provincial chess, Mr. Burt's death in the full prime of life will be a sad loss.

The funeral took place on Monday at Arno's-Vale Cemetery in the presence of the deceased gentleman's family and a large number of personal friends. The City Chess and Draughts Club was largely represented, among those at the side of the grave being Messrs. J. Cleland, T. Harries, S. J. King, T. Lucas, J. W. Padfield, H. H. Davis (hon. sec.), R. Platnauer, J. Bennett, H. H. Blacklock, A. Langebeer, E. J. Budd, and J. A. Kear; Messrs. N. Fedden (president Clifton and Cotham), W. Berry (ex-president), L. T. Williams, W. Hall, W. P. Smith, T. W. Walton (Clifton, Social, and City clubs) and T. C. Cross (late hon. sec. and vice-president of the Bristol and Clifton club). Mr. J. N. Burt was only 55 years of age, and leaves a widow and family to mourn his loss.

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