Bristol Winter Congress 2010

The 6th Winter Congress took place at Filton sports & Leisure Centre during the chilly weekend of 3rd - 5th December 2010. Entries were hit by the weather as some were unable to attend and withdrew.

Open Section - Chris Beaumont  4/5 Won the Open Section quite comfortably as he won playing both colours of the accelerated dragon.  In the final round he played a much improved Megan Owens who was fresh from her recent trip over in Greece where she had been competing in the World Youth Championships.  Megan hung on for a draw to earn herself the grading prize.  On board two John Waterfield & Simon Greely fought it out for 2nd spot and a crack at next year's British Championship's - Simon in a passive position decided to give up the exchange in a last ditch attempt to deliver mate on g2 and was unable to hang on in the ensuing complications.

Download All 21 Games  from the Open Section       PGN     CBV    JAVA

Major Section - Jody Johnson  4/5 played some enterprising chess as he led the way in the Major Section. There were many favourites to win this section, including Bob Radford, Mike Meadows, Duncan Macarthur to name a few.

        ( Games will apear shortly )



Minor Section - Winning this section for the 1st time was 11 year old Alec Watson 4/5, but somehow I don't think it will be his last !  Finding himself out in front and needing a win in the final round to claim 1st place outright the pressure was certainly on this youngster.  With a crowd of onlookers becoming interested in the position Alec enticed his opponent into taking a poisoned pawn which won him a Bishop which proved decisive as shortly after he managed the win he was after.  The game mentioned is well worth playing through below.

Round 5 James Galloway v Alec Watson         PGN     CBV

Photos from the congress    Guess the player ...  who could this possibly be ...???


Round 5 John Waterfield & Simon Greely do battle for the British Championship place.

Round 3 - Lewis Martin v Chris Beaumont - this game was far from boring and is well worth playing through.

11 year old Alec Watson about to play Rxd3 and go a piece up !



The final Round where Jody Johnson is last to finish as he hangs on for the draw that won him 1st place.

Megan Owens v Dominic Bennett -

A draw but Dominic must have had chances of a win

George Wright - deep in thought


Megan with another Cheque to take to the bank !

Come on treasurer - Give us a smile !

John Waterfield finishing 2nd and qualifying for the British Championships

Chris Strong v George Wright