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Tyson Mordue v Vladimir Dobrov - Caerleon Open July 2006


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Tyson looks up at the live internet screen for confirmation of a splendid win against his Russian GM

After Round 3 of the weekend Swiss at Caerleon I had 2/3 having won both games on Saturday. The two GMs playing, Barsov and Dobrov, had played a real grandmaster draw in just 12 moves during Round 3 so I joined them on that score group. Michael White led with 3/3. I assumed that there was a fair probability that I would have the Black pieces against Barsov in Round 4 and did some home preparation based on that assumption.

When I got to the venue on Sunday morning I discovered that Michael was actually having a bye so, to satisfy pairing requirements, my colour had been switched and I was now White against Dobrov. I’ve never before been in the situation of having prepared for the wrong GM! Nevertheless a quick visit to the bookstall enabled me to buy “The Taimanov Sicilian” by Graham Burgess. A few minutes study showed me what I wasn’t going to play, and reinforced my memory of the main line.

Shortly before the game Jeremy Menadue told me that my opponent had been drinking quite a lot in the bar the previous evening. I know it’s hot and liquid consumption is high, but it is suggested that one avoids excess alcohol. Time pressure is also something to avoid and Jeremy, a survivor of many time scrambles himself, remarked “If he gets into time trouble against you then he’s dog meat!” After that firm vote of confidence the game started. Tyson Mordue

To play through the game click on 'Java Replay' or scroll through the game in 'html'

The venue at Caerleon University - Tyson can be seen on the far right playing Suzie Blackburn in Rd 3




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