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League Knockout Final 1998


Horfield v Keynsham


Board Horfield Score Keynsham Score
1 Alex Easton 1 Chris Baker 0
2 Steve Dilleigh Simon Buckley
3 John Richards 0 Tyson Mordue 1
4 Phil Nendick 1 David Buckley 0
5 Gordon Breeze 1 Keith Fawcett 0
6 Keith Walsh Lester Cheung
7 Mike Gladstone 0 T Blake 1
8 Howard Millbank 0 Ian Bourne 1


4 4  

Horfield beat Keynsham in cup final shock


Horfield pulled off the surprise result of the season when they won the KO Cup for the third time in their history. Keynsham, the champions and current league and cup holders, were huge favourites to beat a Horfield side that has struggled all season. But when Keynsham turned up for the final (21st April) with a weakened side, Horfield realised an upset might just be possible. Keynsham were missing Jack Rudd, Graham Burgess, David Moskovich, Andy Borg, and Melanie Buckley, but their side was still very impressive, having an average rating of 177. Horfield, meanwhile, were outgraded on every board and had an average rating of just 155.

The two vital wins for Horfield came on the middle two boards, and the scores were level at the end of the evening at 2 each. Horfield stood worse on eight, but Alex Easton had a piece for two pawns against Chris Baker and had definite winning chances. Simon Buckley could force a draw on two, but needed to try for a win. If Horfield got 1 points on the top two, then they would win the cup on board count.

The continuations for the top two boards were played at Keynsham on Wednesday 29th April. Dilleigh v Buckley was soon over, drawn, so all hinged on the top board result. Alex Easton was trying various ways to break down Chris Baker's defence, but for the first 75 minutes it looked like Chris was holding on. Then, suddenly, it was all over. Alex had forced an exchange of queens which would leave a totally won ending ... and the Cup was on its way to Horfield. 





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