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September 2006

28th Sep  -   Latest Results for this Seasons Grand Prix & Keynsham Rapidplay Crosstables

                A surprise appearance from Michael Basman at the Keynsham Rapidplay put James Sherwin under pressure

                     to perform.

                    The following game was a good win for Jim diverting from Boguljubow - Euwe 1941 on move 14

                    Basman v Sherwin ( Rd 2 )  PGN  CBV



24th Sep  -   Paignton Ron Bruce Premier Games (107)     PGN    CBV

                     1st Steve Berry 6/7  2nd= Tyson Mordue & John Hodgson  5/7

17th Sep  -   Download Match Result Sheet

                    Triplet Results Sheets are being printed in the next two weeks.

                    Above is an A5 single Match Result Sheet to printout.

16th Sep  -   DIV 2 - Keynsham 'A' 3  Hanham 'A' 3  ( 13th Sept )

                    DIV 4 - South Bristol 'B' Clifton 'E' 2 ( 14th Sept )

                    DIV 2 - Clevedon 'B' 4  Horfield 'B' ( 11th Sept )

                    DIV 2 - Bath 'C' Downend 'C' 2   ( 13th Sept )

14th Sep  -   Note that AXA and Hanham 'C' have withdrawn from the league due to lack of players

13th Sep  -   DIV 1 - Downend 'A' 2 Clevedon 'A' ( 12th Sept )

                     DIV 3 - Horfield 'C' 4  Bath 'D' 1   ( 12th Sept )

12th Sep  -   Team Registrations

10th Sep  -   English Chess In Decline

10th Sep  -   Tyson Mordue finishes second in the Paignton Premier

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10th Sep  -   European Championships Live Games At Liverpool

6th Sep  -   Link for the FIDE Laws of Chess from the ECF website

               Link to the FIDE Website - Fide Laws of Chess

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