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Bath A Downend B        February 23rd 2011                          Pgn         Cbv     4/6 games to download



  Home Team     Away Team      
23/02/2011 Bath A 2 1/2 Downend B 3 1/2
Board Player   Score Player   Score
1 Buckley, David 0.5 Greely, Simon M   0.5  
2 Musson, A 0 Ponter, Ian   1  
3 Gregory, Andrew M 0.5 Hennefeld, James   0.5  
4 Stirling, Adam 0.5 Tipper, David I   0.5  
5 Husband, Tony 0.5 Munn, Andrew   0.5  
6 Sage, Anthony 0.5 Spiller, Paul   0.5  

Needing some vital points to avoid a relegation battle with South Bristol 'A' , our B team performed well against an under strength Bath team who were missing their ever present board two Jim Sherwin.


First to finish was James who appeared to have a solid position that was worth minimum a draw.  Paul on bottom board was playing an opponent that kept falling asleep ! an off putting affair or an advantage .. which one I'm not sure but the sleeping Anthony Sage pulled off a draw with the white pieces to leave the match level with 4 games to play.  Next to repeat the drawing run was me after a four knights petered out into equality .. computer engines were giving me a slight edge but the digital clock persuaded me that it might be best to accept a draw unless my name is Ian Ponter of course !.


Three games gone and Three draws. Simon Greely meanwhile was involved in a tussle on top board with David Buckley who had given up a piece with what seemed to be insufficient compensation. Simon returned the piece trying to send the game into a drawn QR ending and cut it incredibly fine on the clock as he steered the game into a RP v R but with Simon's King covering the queening square and able to block any checks on the back rank his prayers were answered with only 1 second left on his clock, when David Buckley decided it wasn't his cup of tea to win in what was a known drawn position - A fourth draw !.


This moved the focus on to Ian's game on the adjacent board two, Ian by this time had managed to infiltrate with his Rook behind enemy lines and pawns became easy targets as he smoothly wrapped up the game with 1 min rather than 1 sec left !


With Downend ahead by this win and only needing a draw from the final game involving Andrew Munn who had agreed to play for us at short notice, it was a case of who and how we were going to get the message that we only needed a draw to win the match.  James solved this problem ! and I've never seen a game end in a draw so fast as Andrew who had possibly the better position wrapped up proceedings to end the night off with a very handy win.


Adam Musson v Ian Ponter - Board 2

The final position is Check Mate with Ian's clock reading 1 min 05 sec

Simon Greely v David Buckley on Board 1



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