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Downend B South Bristol A        February 1st 2011                          Pgn         Cbv



  Home Team     Away Team      
01/02/2011 Downend B 5 1/2 South Bristol A  1/2
Board Player   Score Player   Score
1 Greely, Simon M 1 Garrett, Richard   0  
2 Taylor, GP 1 Frydman, David   0  
3 Ponter, Ian 1 Radford, Robert P   0  
4 Hennefeld, James 1 Neagle, David C   0  
5 Tipper, David I 1 McCann, A   0  
6 Spiller, Paul 0.5 Sherman, Andy   0.5  

This was a crunch match for the B team in their quest to avoid relegation.  With Clevedon A seemingly doomed and stuck on 0 points after 9 games played,  the fight to avoid finishing second from bottom was always going to be between South Bristol A and Downend B and this was the first of two key matches between the clubs after the match scheduled away at South Bristol was postponed prior to xmas.


First to finish was me! no time trouble tonight as my opponent went wrong early in a scotch gambit.  I am comfortable playing the black side of e4 e5 openings and wasn't going to let this game slip and the game was over in 20 moves after a crafty Qc8 set up a trick to win White's Queen.  Geoff Taylor held an edge and broke through David Frydman's defences finishing the game with a neat Nc6+ taking the Queens off into a won ending.  2-0 up and seemingly cruising to victory.  Paul Spiller agreed a draw after an eventful game that had its twists and turns.  Simon a pawn down appeared to be losing at first glance but on closer inspection his opponent had a bad bishop and failed to deal with Simon's counter attack on the Queen side as Black's knight sprang to life and finished the game abruptly.  Ian held his nerve in time trouble ( just about ) and the inevitable pawn pushes after the Queens came off led to a Queen arriving on the board with seconds to go.  James had the upper hand being a piece up and finally found a mating attack at the end with both players desperately low on time.


Bob Radford v Ian Ponter

Ian Ponter's Clock showing 10 seconds left with check mate delivered


Geoff Taylor v David Frydman

Here David Frydman is in trouble and down to under 3 minutes on the clock

James Hennefeld v David Neagle


Spectators gather to watch another late finish as Ian Ponter stays calm in time trouble

Richard Garrett v Simon Greely

Richard and Simon analyze the end position where Simon had a forced mate



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