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Bristol Summer Congress 2017      June 9th - 11th    Bristol Grammar School



We are delighted to say that this was our most successful tournament yet with a total of 109 players. 

The 3 sections were well balanced with entrants of 40, 35 and 34 players respectively.  Looks like the reputation of our Bristol event is spreading more and more !

And many thanks go to our capable arbiter and treasurer, Geoff Gammon and Jerry Humphreys

Fide Open Section

All 87 Games from the Open Section below

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Bristol Summer 2017 Fide Open Crosstables

Keith delivering a 100% score


Fide Open Section - 40 players

1st Keith Arkell   5/5

2nd Graham Moore 4.5/5

3rd Lewis Martin  4/5


We had 40 players in the Open.  This is an unusually high number and we are delighted with this.  We had 7 players of 200+ grade (FIDE 2200) and the median ranking was 2050 (appr 180-185 ECF).  We had players from far and wide which included a Hungarian IM, two brothers from Ipswich, a Romanian AGM and a New Zealander who flew down from Scotland for the weekend.

And so we thought that our regular GM Keith Arkell was to be tested.  But it was not to be.  Keith once again went through the field scoring a perfect 5/5, demonstrating his famous end game skills.  (His book on end games should be published next year!!) 

Alan papier


Bristol Summer 2017 Fide Open Crosstables


Online  ( All 87 Games to play through )












Players in the Open Section

Attila Reznak v Keith Arkell

Paul Littlewood

Morris Stranger

Tim Kett

Steve Dilleigh

Carl Bicknell

Chris Beaumont


Phil Nendick


Geoffrey R Moore

Tom Thorpe

Chirag Hosdurga

Bob Radford

Major Section  ( U155 )

1st = 4/5

Bob Radford, Chirag Hosdurga, Geoffrey M Brown,

Alan papier, Richard Kachuma

Richard Kachuma v Chirag Hosdurga Rd 5 ( Bd 1 )




With 35 players , the Major was well contested.  It was very tight at the top with 5 players finishing tied for 1st with 4/5.  Two players were virtually top seeds , Geoff M Brown and Bob Radford.  And 2 were up and coming juniors- the Bristol Based C Hosdurga and new player from Swindon, R Kachuma.  Young Oliver Stubbs was also in contention up to the final round


Oliver Stubbs

Full results    Bristol Summer Major Crosstables

Ian Bush

Brendan O'Gorman

Brent Perrin

Ian Pickup

Tomas Jankowski

Shaun Walsh


Minor Section  ( U125 )


1st  Tomas Jankowski  5/5


Again, the grades proved to be an accurate indicator of the eventual winners.  Top seed Tomas Jankowski finished with 5/5.  Tied for 2nd was John Green from Solihull and Congress regular Martyn Maber from Taunton.  Juniors N Cunliffe and Y Kumar finished well placed





James Wallman

Graham Strickland










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