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ECF Membership Scheme


  Dear all,
 The ECF has released the details of its proposed membership scheme to be presented at the ECF AGM in October. The main points:
 Bronze membership (club, league, and county games eligible for grading) 12 full, 8 concessions.
 Silver membership (as bronze, but also games played in congresses eligible for grading) 18 full, 12 concessions.
 Gold membership (as silver, but also inclusive of FIDE rated games) 27 full, 22 concessions.
 For each person who is a bronze member, or non member (i.e. anyone who is a member of a different Federation), but wishes to play in a congress there will be a one- off charge of 6.
 Non- members will have to pay a fee per game. If 85% or more chess players are ECF members that fee will be 1, if less it will be 2 per game. This is scheduled to be a temporary measure, "...while the membership   scheme is bedding down." There is no   definitive time limit on this, although the proposal mentions 2 years as an estimate.
 When the membership scheme is "bedded down" anyone playing a graded game will be required to be an ECF Member.
 Anyone who is a member of a different Federation but wishes to play FIDE rated games will be charged 1.50 per game. I believe that includes 4NCL, but correct me if I'm wrong.
 Ungraded/ new players will be allowed to play 3 graded games before either becoming a member or paying game fee.
 If this proposal gets voted through it will take effect from 1st Sept. 2012.
  http://www.englishchess.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/ECF-Funding-Proposals-Aug-2011.doc is the link to the document. It's also possible to download it in PDF form from the ECF website.
  Ben Edgell  ( ECF Representative )    edgellben@hotmail.com





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