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  League Knockout Final    -    May 14th 2013

Horfield v Clifton           ( Redland Park, Redland, Off Whiteladies Road )

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Board One Stephen Dilleigh John Curtis
Board Two Chris Jones Nick Frost
Board Three Derek Pugh 0 Gareth Morris 1
Board Four Mike Harris 0 Carl Bicknell 1
Board Five Phil Nendick 0 Duncan Grossett 1
Board Six Harvey Atkinson 0 David Collier 1
Board Seven John Richards Dominic Bennett
Board Eight Roger Pearce 0 Igor Doklestic 1
Total 1   6

The Eight Board League Knockout was won by Clifton  6 - 1 at Redland Park on Tuesday 14th May.

 Clifton comfortably won the League Knockout and wiped out memories of a 6-2 defeat at the hands of Bath last season.

The two top boards finished early as Chris Jones and Nick Frost agreed a draw after 17 moves & on Board One John Curtis sacced a Rook for mating threats on Black's King forcing Steve Dilleigh to offer a draw by repetition.

At this stage there was all to play for as the score was 1-1 but things were soon to change, Duncan Grossett gained an advantage with the white pieces against Phil Nendick's Schliemann & David Collier had an excellent position even though he was the exchange down.  Mike Harris ran into trouble in a Sicilian Najdorf against Carl Bicknell. All three games ended in wins for Clifton which sealed the win.

The three remaining games were heading into time trouble.  On Board Seven John Richards had a time advantage but was struggling to equalise and after some missed opportunities Dominic reluctantly settled on a draw as the minutes were moving into seconds ! Roger Pearce had an advantage against Igor Doklestic with two Knights against Rook but Igor took a chance and broke up Roger's kingside and with both players running low on time Igor came out on top.  Last to finish was board 3 as Gareth Morris broke through on the Kingside to set up a mating attack which in time trouble proved difficult to counter as Derek Pugh came unstuck.

Dave Tipper


Board One - Steve Dilleigh v John Curtis

Board Three - Gareth Morris v Derek Pugh


Board 4 - Mike Harris v Carl Bicknell

Board 5 - Duncan Grossett v Phil Nendick






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