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  League Knockout Final    -    May 9th 2017

Downend v Bath       ( Downend Cricket Club, Downend, Bristol )

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Board One Henry Duncanson David Buckley
Board Two Chris Russell 0 Aitor Garcia Ruiz 1
Board Three Attila Reznak 1 Matthew Payne 0
Board Four Stephen Meek 1 Horia Bogdan 0
Board Five Lewis Martin 0 Adam Musson 1
Board Six Charlie Fry 1 Andrew Gregory 0
Board Seven Jerry Humphreys David Allen
Board Eight Mike Brigden 1 Christian Brown 0
Total 5   3

Downend beat Bath 5 - 3 in the Knockout Final

Stephen Meek was first to finish but his win was quickly cancelled out with Lewis Martin's loss to Adam Musson.  Downend's new Hungarian player Attila Reznak notched up a win on board 3, Jerry Humphreys then produced the customary draw leaving 4 boards to battle it out.  Chris Russell died a slow death as his Rook was no match for the two minor pieces but Mike Brigden made full use of his queenside pawns to cancel out the loss of the exchange to give Downend another point. David Buckley held on for a draw by perpetual as clock pressure came into play, leaving Andrew Gregory needing to win to try and win the match on board count but Charlie Fry proved a cool customer as he saw out the game not without some scares though!





Aitor winning with the black pieces on board 2

Henry Duncanson on top board - concentration is key !

Jerry Humphreys - always good for a draw

Charlie Fry - won his game with both clocks showing under 30 seconds

Christian Brown

Won the exchange against Mike Brigden but then faced a pawn storm on the queenside

Mike Brigden - always a tough competitor over the board

David Allen - held his stronger opponent to a draw

Final game in progress with both players in time trouble





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