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League Fixtures 2009 - 2010


Division Four
Clifton E     Division  4    
Tue 8-Sep A Yate B Thu 7-Jan A Harambee B
Wed 23-Sep H Harambee B Wed 13-Jan H Nailsea
Wed 7-Oct H Downend D Tue 19-Jan A Downend D
Tue 13-Oct A Downend F Wed 3-Feb H Horfield D
Wed 28-Oct H University B Wed 17-Feb H Downend F
Mon 2-Nov A Petes Potentials Wed 24-Feb A University B
Wed 18-Nov H Downend E Wed 10-Mar H Petes Potentials
Mon 23-Nov A Nailsea Tue 30-Mar A Hanham C
Wed 2-Dec H Hanham C Tue 13-Apr A Downend E
Tue 15-Dec A Horfield D Wed 21-Apr H Yate B
Downend D     Division  4    
Tue 8-Sep H Petes Potentials Tue 5-Jan H Downend E
Tue 15-Sep A Downend E Tue 12-Jan A Downend F
Tue 22-Sep A Yate B Tue 19-Jan H Clifton E
Tue 29-Sep H Harambee B Tue 9-Feb A Horfield D
Wed 7-Oct A Clifton E Tue 23-Feb H Yate B
Tue 13-Oct H Nailsea Tue 2-Mar H Hanham C
Tue 27-Oct H Horfield D Mon 22-Mar A Nailsea
Tue 3-Nov H Downend F Thu 8-Apr A Harambee B
Wed 25-Nov A University B Mon 19-Apr A Petes Potentials
Tue 8-Dec A Hanham C Tue 27-Apr H University B
Downend E     Division  4    
Tue 1-Sep H Harambee B Tue 5-Jan A Downend D
Tue 15-Sep H Downend D Tue 19-Jan H Hanham C
Tue 22-Sep A Hanham C Tue 2-Feb H Yate B
Tue 6-Oct H University B Thu 11-Feb A Harambee B
Tue 20-Oct A Yate B Tue 9-Mar H Nailsea
Wed 18-Nov A Clifton E Tue 16-Mar A Downend F
Tue 24-Nov H Petes Potentials Mon 22-Mar A Petes Potentials
Mon 30-Nov A Nailsea Tue 30-Mar H Horfield D
Tue 8-Dec A Horfield D Tue 13-Apr H Clifton E
Tue 15-Dec H Downend F Wed 21-Apr A University B
Downend F     Division  4    
Tue 8-Sep H Hanham C Tue 5-Jan H Horfield D
Tue 6-Oct H Petes Potentials Tue 12-Jan H Downend D
Tue 13-Oct H Clifton E Wed 20-Jan A University B
Mon 19-Oct A Nailsea Tue 2-Feb H Nailsea
Tue 27-Oct H Yate B Wed 17-Feb A Clifton E
Tue 3-Nov A Downend D Tue 23-Feb A Hanham C
Thu 12-Nov A Harambee B Tue 16-Mar H Downend E
Tue 17-Nov A Horfield D Tue 30-Mar A Yate B
Tue 1-Dec H University B Mon 12-Apr A Petes Potentials
Tue 15-Dec A Downend E Tue 20-Apr H Harambee B
Hanham C     Division  4    
Tue 8-Sep A Downend F Tue 19-Jan A Downend E
Mon 14-Sep A Petes Potentials Tue 2-Feb H University B
Tue 22-Sep H Downend E Wed 3-Feb A University B
Thu 8-Oct A Harambee B Tue 23-Feb H Downend F
Tue 20-Oct H Horfield D Tue 2-Mar A Downend D
Tue 3-Nov H Nailsea Tue 9-Mar A Horfield D
Tue 24-Nov H Yate B Mon 15-Mar A Nailsea
Wed 2-Dec A Clifton E Tue 30-Mar H Clifton E
Tue 8-Dec H Downend D Tue 6-Apr H Petes Potentials
Tue 5-Jan A Yate B Tue 13-Apr H Harambee B
Harambee B     Division  4    
Tue 1-Sep A Downend E Thu 7-Jan H Clifton E
Thu 17-Sep H Horfield D Tue 12-Jan A Horfield D
Wed 23-Sep A Clifton E Mon 18-Jan A Nailsea
Tue 29-Sep A Downend D Thu 11-Feb H Downend E
Thu 8-Oct H Hanham C Tue 2-Mar A Yate B
Mon 12-Oct A Petes Potentials Thu 11-Mar H University B
Wed 21-Oct A University B Thu 8-Apr H Downend D
Thu 12-Nov H Downend F Tue 13-Apr A Hanham C
Thu 10-Dec H Nailsea Tue 20-Apr A Downend F
Thu 17-Dec H Yate B Thu 29-Apr H Petes Potentials
Horfield D     Division  4    
Tue 1-Sep A Yate B Tue 5-Jan A Downend F
Tue 8-Sep H Nailsea Tue 12-Jan H Harambee B
Thu 17-Sep A Harambee B Wed 3-Feb A Clifton E
Tue 22-Sep H Petes Potentials Tue 9-Feb H Downend D
Wed 14-Oct A University B Mon 22-Feb A Petes Potentials
Tue 20-Oct A Hanham C Tue 9-Mar H Hanham C
Tue 27-Oct A Downend D Tue 23-Mar H Yate B
Tue 17-Nov H Downend F Tue 30-Mar A Downend E
Tue 8-Dec H Downend E Tue 13-Apr H University B
Tue 15-Dec H Clifton E Mon 19-Apr A Nailsea
Nailsea     Division  4    
Tue 8-Sep A Horfield D Wed 13-Jan A Clifton E
Mon 14-Sep H Yate B Mon 18-Jan H Harambee B
Tue 13-Oct A Downend D Mon 25-Jan A Petes Potentials
Mon 19-Oct H Downend F Tue 2-Feb A Downend F
Mon 26-Oct H Petes Potentials Mon 1-Mar H University B
Tue 3-Nov A Hanham C Tue 9-Mar A Downend E
Wed 11-Nov A University B Mon 15-Mar H Hanham C
Mon 23-Nov H Clifton E Mon 22-Mar H Downend D
Mon 30-Nov H Downend E Mon 19-Apr H Horfield D
Thu 10-Dec A Harambee B Tue 27-Apr A Yate B
Petes Potentials ( 65 min on clock ) Division  4    
Tue 8-Sep A Downend D Tue 12-Jan A Yate B
Mon 14-Sep H Hanham C Mon 25-Jan H Nailsea
Tue 22-Sep A Horfield D Mon 15-Feb H University B
Mon 28-Sep H Yate B Mon 22-Feb H Horfield D
Tue 6-Oct A Downend F Wed 10-Mar A Clifton E
Mon 12-Oct H Harambee B Mon 22-Mar H Downend E
Mon 26-Oct A Nailsea Tue 6-Apr A Hanham C
Mon 2-Nov H Clifton E Mon 12-Apr H Downend F
Tue 24-Nov A Downend E Mon 19-Apr H Downend D
Wed 9-Dec A University B Thu 29-Apr A Harambee B
University B     Division  4    
Tue 6-Oct A Downend E Tue 2-Feb A Hanham C
Wed 14-Oct H Horfield D Wed 3-Feb H Hanham C
Wed 21-Oct H Harambee B Wed 10-Feb H Yate B
Wed 28-Oct A Clifton E Mon 15-Feb A Petes Potentials
Tue 3-Nov A Yate B Wed 24-Feb H Clifton E
Wed 11-Nov H Nailsea Mon 1-Mar A Nailsea
Wed 25-Nov H Downend D Thu 11-Mar A Harambee B
Tue 1-Dec A Downend F Tue 13-Apr A Horfield D
Wed 9-Dec H Petes Potentials Wed 21-Apr H Downend E
Wed 20-Jan H Downend F Tue 27-Apr A Downend D
Yate B     Division  4    
Tue 1-Sep H Horfield D Tue 5-Jan H Hanham C
Tue 8-Sep H Clifton E Tue 12-Jan H Petes Potentials
Mon 14-Sep A Nailsea Tue 2-Feb A Downend E
Tue 22-Sep H Downend D Wed 10-Feb A University B
Mon 28-Sep A Petes Potentials Tue 23-Feb A Downend D
Tue 20-Oct H Downend E Tue 2-Mar H Harambee B
Tue 27-Oct A Downend F Tue 23-Mar A Horfield D
Tue 3-Nov H University B Tue 30-Mar H Downend F
Tue 24-Nov A Hanham C Wed 21-Apr A Clifton E
Thu 17-Dec A Harambee B Tue 27-Apr H Nailsea


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