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Half Year Grading 2011-2012                                      Dave Tipper  chessit@blueyonder.co.uk

Update - Bristol League Players New Grades can now be downloaded - Bristol Published New Grades Jan 2012.xls


The new January Grades are due out on January 25th 2012 -  They should appear here when published - www.ecfgrading.org.uk/

Note that for our competitions where we use Grading thresholds for playing down in our divisions & thresholds for the Minor KO we will for the remainder of the season be using the published grades that were in force at the start of the season - e.g. the current grading list Aug 2011.

There is a thread on the forum to discuss the introduction of half year grades and how it works here - www.chessit.co.uk/phpforum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5

 Results Dec 2011.xls

This is the results file that includes all results played in the Bristol League between Sep 2011 & Dec 2011 - These results have been sent for grading.

BristolLeague Players' Results Dec 2011.xls

This is a list of all the games played and calculations generated by the ECF software.  Note that ungraded players have been given an estimated grade so the performance grades of their opponents may differ from the Bristol Results spreadsheet where my original estimated grade has changed as the ungraded player plays further games.


Text file listing all the graded games - this is the actual file that has been sent to the ECF listing all the games played in the format accepted by the ECF.

Every players is given a PIN and then each result is listed along with board no & club match to identify the result.

Note that I am not required to send any details of a players grade as each player is identified by their ECF code and then the results are automatically calculated by the ECf software using their Master Database which holds everyones grade.

Please check the above results in case of any errors !






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