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British No 1 Mickey Adams is coming to Bristol


2007 is the Centenary Year for The Bristol and District Chess League.


To mark the occasion we intend to put on a number of extra events over the year.


The pinnacle event being a simultaneous match with Britain's No 1 player.


Yup we are going to bring Mickey Adams to Bristol.


It will take place at a central venue around Apr/May/June. Preferably Saturday Afternoon.


He will take on 40 players. 10 places will be allocated to sponsors.


The other 30 of those will be selected by lot from those who wish to play him.


The cost of bringing him here is very large and it is envisaged that a small charge of


10 will be asked from players.  It may well be less but will not be more.


Should you wish to go on the list to play, and are happy to fork out a tenner for the privilege,


then please contact me at the following email address  petersaunders@blueyonder.co.uk


No money needed yet but I need to know how many interested players we have.

Peter Saunders
Publicity and Recruitment Officer
Bristol and District Chess League